Pegasus Skyline AutoTec Halogen Bulbs 3000 Kelvin Pure Yellow

  • ₱700.00

Pegasus Skyline Autotec Halogen Bulbs 3000k Kelvin

Available in the following bulb types:

  • H4 - Hi/lo 12v 60/55w
  • h11 -12v 55w (do not use on h16 bulb)
  • 9005/hb3 - 12v 65w
  • 9006/hb4 - 12v 55w
  • h7 - 12v 55w
  • h1 - 12v 55w
  • H3- 12v 55w (3000k and 5000k only)
  • 881- 12v 27w (3000k and 5000k only)
  • 880 - 12v 27w (3000k and 5000k only)


7 days replacement warranty

must be:

-complete packaging 

-no physical/cosmetic damage

-replacement should be exactly the same item

-for returns, buyer will shoulder all shipping expenses going back and forth

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