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Pegasus LED Tri-Color

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"What I like about Pegasus products is they are promoting safe driving habits and experience. With just a small upgrades to your automotive lights, it gives a BIG impact on your driving experience that prevents the chances of incidents due to poor visibility."

- Real Ryan, Content Creator and Car Enthusiast.

FB: officialrealryan

"For me, it changes drastically the visibility of nighttime driving when I changed to Pegasus LED bulb on my car's headlights. Very satisfied with the product. Safety first for better driving experience."

- P. Payumo, Customer

"I'm very happy with the performance of my new headlights and foglamps. Huge improvements on visibility which will also provide better safety for my family when driving at night time. (Plus pogi points na din syempre)

I will continue to order more from your store in the future, as well as recommend it to others"

- J. Inciong, Customer