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Pegasus Halogen Light Bulbs FAQ

1. Are Pegasus bulbs brighter than LED or HID?
Technically, the answer is NO in terms of lumens. However, lumens is not everything. VISIBILITY IS. Thanks to Pegasus Skyline technology, you can have the best visibility in all weather conditions. Yes, even in rain and fog! Best of all, retain stock wirings, stock sockets, etc. absolutely no modifications needed!

2. Are Pegasus bulbs stronger than stock bulbs?

3. Are Pegasus bulbs compatible with my car?
With the original size, it will fit all cars as long as you have the same bulb socket type.

4. How would I know which bulb type should I use?
Please check your owner's manual.

5. I have lost my owner's manual. How would I know which bulb type should I use?
Please check your bulb socket. There is an indication of what bulb type you should use.

6. How to install Pegasus bulbs?
Our bulbs are 'plug and play', no modifications, no rewiring, no ballast or any bulky add-ons.

7. What is your all-weather Pegasus bulb?
We recommend the 4300 kelvin (yellowish) - highly recommended for the best visibility.

8. What colors are available?
3000 kelvin (pure yellow)
4300 kelvin (yellowish) - highly recommended for the best visibility
5000 kelvin (ultra white)

9. What is the brightest Pegasus bulb?
All bulbs have the same brightness just different colors.

10.Do you offer warranty for the product?
We do not give warranty because we dot install the bulb. However, our bulbs are factory tested.

11. Do you install the bulb?
No, but please check dealer's list for installation.

12. My bulb socket melted. Is there a problem with the bulb?
Your bulb melted because of mismatch of wattage.

13. Are Pegasus bulbs better than Osram Nightbreaker or Philips?
Same if not better quality, but half the price.

14. What is the lifespan of Pegasus bulbs?
Pegasus bulbs have the same lifespan of a stock bulb or much longer.

15. Where are Pegasus bulbs made?
Taiwan, but German technology.